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How does the network machine work?

May 5, 2019


How does the network machine work?

For network advertising player, we can offer you the complete solution, not only the hardware but also the software management system. The machine with WIFI or 3G can auto download the contents from Internet for customer advertising that changes over night to different advertisng each day. We will offer you our software system to manage all the screens, this means that you can transfer ad files to the screen remotely via LAN (WIFI or RJ45) or WAN or mobile network. Screen will automatically play the video and image contenets (entertaining and advertising contents) that are programed by a server, which scheduled or displayed for playback through the centralized software, distributed to lcd locations. Every lcd has the ability to automatically detect new contents and start playing them, without any man-work.


Our Software System Feature

1) Central management

2) Split screen function

3) System Compatible ability


Software management Function components

1) Media database

2) Playback management

3) Client management

4) Other functions